Comprising around 40 professionals, including six partner notaries

A notarial practice serving an international clientele

in matters of family law, private real estate, financing and professional real estate.

Castiglione Notaires

The notarial provides concrete and sustainable solutions for its customers. Our notaries and employees take care to provide the information allowing the ins and outs of each situation to be understood, to help their customers make well-informed decisions.

CASTIGLIONE NOTAIRES deploys its expertise in 4 major areas:

Estate planning, wealth management, inheritance, matrimonial regime, divorce;

Traditional or online real estate sales, auctions, sale of exceptional properties, investment acquisitions;

Bank notaries and advisers for individuals and professionals wishing to finance the acquisition of buildings or refinance their assets;

Advising real estate professionals and institutions wishing to establish a presence in France, Castiglione Notaires also assists international real estate players.

Traditions, a person-centred approach and openness to the world are at the heart of our conception of the profession.

Castiglione Notaires is located a few steps from Place Vendôme, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Founded almost 450 years ago, the Practice has also been working with an international clientele for many years.

Respect for tradition, concern for customer well-being and innovative approaches are among the values and practices that characterise the Practice: they are the basis for the loyalty of customers, many of whom have been putting their trust in us for several generations.