10 rue de Castiglione – Paris 1er

CASTIGLIONE NOTAIRES provides experience and know-how for a varied institutional and professional clientele

Dematerialized service

The Practice offers a tailored service for each field, facilitating work in teams to provide upstream expertise in customer projects.
Castiglione Notaires processes files electronically for its professional clients, also offering the use of data rooms both for the analysis and the processing of files and for downstream follow-up.

Institutions and public authorities

Castiglione Notaires brings its expertise to bear with institutions and public authorities to help provide full support, from project feasibility stage to legal implementation.

Real estate professionnals

The Practice also puts its experience at the service of real estate professionals. Castiglione Notaires assists investors in their expansion, arbitrage of assets and financing or refinancing.

Developers and promoters

Castiglione Notaires also assists developers and promoters, from land-use analysis stage to legal structuring of the land or building and its resale or financing.