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With expertise in the transaction of exceptional real estate, its teams support all types of real estate transactions – whether this be the purchase or sale of a principal or secondary residence – and ensure the security of national and international financial flows.

Castiglione Notaires

Any real estate acquisition in France is analysed, taking account of all the international aspects of the customer’s situation to provide optimal advice in terms of structuring and estate planning.
The Practice also supports an international, and especially English and German, clientele.

Online real estate sales

Castiglione Notaires also provides an online real estate sales service to its customers (notary sale immo-interactif ®), allowing each buyer to make an offer after visiting the property for sale and consulting the property’s information online.
This allows potential buyers to submit an offer that the owner is free either to accept or not.
Castiglione Notaires assists sellers and buyers in services relating to all aspects of sales.

Real estate negotiation by the Practice

Castiglione Notaires offers a real estate negotiation service at optimised cost, in tandem with the quality of our legal notarial service, including a comprehensive advice, from property estimates to sale and negotiations with purchasers.

The Practice is part of a notarial network, which markets a large number of properties in PARIS and Ile de France.
Properties are promoted through two channels: